All our products are Verona Design branded and they are all made in the same factory in Brazil. Importantly all the wood comes from sustainable managed forests.

Following recognition that most other products supplied to the market are very thin we have made a conscious effort to make our products much chunkier and sturdier. Therefore all our products are made using 21mm and 32mm thick timber. The drawer sides and backs are made from 21mm thick pine to ensure that the product is strong and durable.

All of the products are easy to assemble with very clear instructions included with each piece of furniture.

The furniture is constructed using a combination of screws, dowels and glue. This ensures that the finished product is very sturdy.

All products are made of 100% solid pine (except drawer bases and back panels) and all the parts which have been lacquered with a colour, these parts are made of MDF to ensure a superb even finish.

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